Advanced Piano Technique for Improvisers (PDF)

by Walter Norris

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In this book Walter Norris sums up the treasure of his knowledge for all improvising pianists.

231 pages PDF download.

Also available as print version.

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“Much more than a practice room Norris’s studio was an experimental laboratory.  Each run-through is unlike the last. Move the melody to the bass line, play the entire passage without thumbs, count aloud whole bars, transpose the entire piece a half-step down or two octaves up: with a dose of flexibility, it isn’t difficult to be inventive when practicing. If you catch this spirit, these pages will become an invaluable aide to you, a guide book that will lead you beyond the status quo of repetitious practice and towards a new repertoire of ways of listening to and performing music. Bon voyage!”

Adina Mornell
Pianist and Professor of Instrumental Pedagogy
University of Music and the Dramatic Arts
Graz, Austria

Also available by Walter Norris

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