Common Ground (Print)

by Kirk MacDonald

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Big Band Arrangement by Joe Sullivan.

Printed on 120 gr paper.

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Product Description

Composition by Kirk MacDonald, Big Band Arrangement by Joe Sullivan.

“Common Ground was composed with the idea of creating a melody that consisted primarily of the perfect fifth interval. It’s harmonic structure is cyclical and modulates through all 12 keys. The tune modulates each measure alternating between minor 7 and dominant 7 structures using what I like to refer to as the long cycle. Moving up (or down) a tritone followed by moving down a semitone.” (Kirk MacDonald)


Alto Saxophone 1

Alto Saxophone 2

Tenor Saxophone 1

Tenor Saxophone 2

Baritone Saxophone

5 Trumpets

3 Trombones

Bass Trombone



Acoustic Bass



Printed on 120 gr paper.

Also available by Kirk MacDonald