Out Someplace – Single Sheet Music (PDF)

by Fred Hersch

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Fred Hersch sheet music in PDF format.

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Product Description

Fred Hersch’s short notes on the composition:

Out Someplace (Blues for Matthew Shepard) (1998) – “A programmatic musical description of the murder of Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming in 1998. He was a young gay man who was seduced/abducted by two other young men, taken to a corn field in the dead of winter, beaten senseless, tied to a fence-post and left to die in the bitter cold. The opening and closing improvisations should be spacious, “cold”, and not more than one or two minutes. The internal improvisations over the vamps should be atonal and build in intensity. The form cinematically portrays the abduction and the beating – and fades out on the freezing field where his life tragically ended.”

Sheet is recorded on: Thirteen Ways “Focus” (Palmetto PM-2055) – sheet written and edited by Fred Hersch.

Also available on fmscore as instrumental Bb-sheet as part of the Fred Hersch Jazz Compilation.